Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raw on the road

Preparing raw meals while traveling is easy.  Cooking heats the camper too much, so nobody complains when I suggest a bowl of grapes or several bananas for breakfast.  We are not 100% raw, which means our dinners sometimes consist of tuna, fresh-squeezed lime juice, cubed avocado and sea salt.  The crackers we eat are also not raw but at least so far, we have not cooked any meals this first week of our mobile lifestyle.  The challenge is in finding quality fresh produce that everyone (ahem, Sage) will eat.  I have discovered that the best and healthiest options are found in the more affluent neighborhoods.  Lower-quality foodstuffs are abundant in the poorer communities.  And I don't mean necessarily lower-priced foods.  It seems that the prices are pretty much the same across the socioeconomic spectrum of communities in DFW, but the quality and quantity is definitely better on the higher end of the income scale.  I really have to dig around the produce sections where we are staying now.

But I'm able to blend smoothies!  Pics to they are...

Outdoor food prep table/workstation...complete with dinner bell, pantry, TV mount.  Oh, and a gas can.

Side view of outdoor kitchen/workstation

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