Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The first night we were in Cedar Hill State Park I did not douse Sage with Off!  The next day, her skin was covered in polka dots.  When we went to Lockhart State Park, she was elated there was a playground.  As we skipped and ran and laughed our way toward the swings, my little girl's foot caught on the pavement and she fell.  And kept falling...until finally her face stopped the forward momentum.  From her right eye down to her mouth were scrapes and scratches.  We checked into Nueces County Park and, because she was thrilled to be back at the beach, she jumped around on her bed, giddy.  Then she fell onto the floor because her foot missed the edge of the bed.  Her legs had a couple of small bruises on them.  Out here on the beach, she ran in her aqua socks/water shoes so much she had blisters on her ankles.  Her hair is kinked up with salty water.

The mosquito bites are all but disappeared.  Surprisingly, the scrapes on her face have healed rapidly.  No more bruises, just a tiny spot on the back of her leg.  The blisters are already gone and all is well, if you ask her.  Tomorrow I will wash her hair (and my own!)

David or I, or both, have been inches from her side when all of these mishaps happened.  No way we could have prevented them.  Still, I feel badly...and responsible...or irresponsible, depending on your perspective. 

If you ask Sage, she is having a great time!  This is her adventure!  Each day she swims, plays with fish and butterflies, chases birds, runs and sings and laughs, reads, sketches about her experiences, learns to take photos, meets new people, and so much more.  She goes to sleep and wakes up to the swooshing of waves, and loves every moment of every day.  She pats me on the back and says "You're a good mommy" just before she falls asleep.  She tells David he's "the best" and thanks us for all the fun, every day.  Sage has the sweetest of deals, I think.  And at this point she seems grateful.  So are we, Sage, so are we.

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  1. I know that kind of useless guilt. Worst stuff ever. :( Also? You've been in Corpus for HOW LONG?? And we haven't heard from you guys..? I'm telling the crazy lady where to find you - fair warning. :)