Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Swim lessons and realized dreams

This morning after swim lessons Sage and I listened to bird calls and giggled all the way home.  Yes, that's right.  My little beach girl, who loves jumping into waves and observing creatures of the sea in our homemade "study tank", is finally learning to swim.  She is becoming as nimble and free in the water as the fishes she adores.  Although the first few days she only reluctantly dipped her face into the water, today her teacher beamed as she congratulated her (and me) for her jumping off the side of the pool, touching the bottom, and putting her entire face and head underwater to blow bubbles.  Thea exclaimed, "She's there, Mommy!"  What a milestone for my sweet beach girl.

Yesterday she announced to Daddy and me that she wants to study birds, especially hummingbirds.  I downloaded free bird call apps to accompany what I refer to as my "Mamaw Book", the Golden Field Guide "Birds of North America."  The only people I've ever met who own this book and log the species they see are somebody's Mamaw, or at least of that grandparently age.  And me.  It is an excellent field guide, by the way, and Sage and I can use it to document her adventures in ornithology.  Thrilling: not only is she becoming a fish, she is also interested in becoming a bird expert in addition to a butterfly expert and an artist.  Don't forget princess fairy of the forest, too.  Nature girl!

We were having a great time this morning as we drove back to our tenthome in the woods.  I began to think ahead to my to-do list for the day: make smoothies, hand-wash dishes, clean potty, water and check on garden.  Then I remembered we wanted to make "nectar" for Sage's new hummingbird feeder and practice writing letters and numbers in her cool big girl-writing pad with her big girl-pencil.  Oh yes, and don't forget to run payroll, pay bills, submit two more estimates and one invoice, and return emails.  At that moment I realized I'm living out many of my dreams, some I've shared with friends and family over the years.  Our business, NativeDave.com, has rebounded and is growing and changing in feel-good ways.  Being a green entrepreneur means I am fortunate enough to earn a living doing good things for people and planet.  My plans for my own off-shoot green business venture have been a little stalled, but I'm not in a hurry and am feeling patient to let things unfold as they should.  I'm honored to be able to put my child into learning and playtime environments that honor her natural interests.  This life is far from perfect, yet in almost every facet of my life I am fulfilled, encouraged and eager to continue pushing myself to discover the core of my happiness.  To discover what a simple, good and sustainable life means for me.


  1. Hello there, writer girl! Good to see you post here. Good to "hear" you - and yay for you - what a blessed life, indeed!

  2. Thanks, Amy! I'm embarrassed that it's been nearly two months since I wrote this post and never checked back for comments or to post it. So sorry...and thanks for reading. I have two other blogs that will be shared soon...hope you will read and give feedback there, too. Love to the family, friend!