Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Potty Chronicles

Sage used her training potty a couple of months ago but for some reason I immediately put her back into diapers.  Maybe I wasn't ready to make the transition yet?  I don't know.  Today was the day, apparently.  Four successful trips to the potty, no accidents.  She pulled up her panties herself.  She sort-of wiped properly.  The confidence she gained from doing these things on her own!  Suddenly she seemed taller and less like a baby, more like a grownup.  No!  Please slow down, my child.  I want to savor every moment...

Tomorrow we will do pretty much the same as today: drink lots of liquids, wear panties without diapers and make frequent trips to the potty; wear diaper during naptime and bedtime.  Same on Saturday, and then maybe Sunday or Monday we will try sleeping without diapers.  Maybe.

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