Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I was up late last night.  Late.  My sweet little girl woke up around 4am.  For some odd reason, I couldn't go back to sleep.  So, with very little sleep, I'm up.  Up contemplating all the things I need to do before we go to a graduation party/wedding reception Saturday.  Continue organizing and cleaning the house.  Continue potty training (for the little girl, not me.)  Respond to this client and mail that one's design package.  Ship two eBay packages.  Buy two gifts for Saturday.  Find something to wear...and somehow, squeeze in a run today.  I need it like never before...Up planning, dreaming, meditating about the way I want my life to look, to feel...to BE.  And watching the sun coming up over the Gulf.

The backyard is almost cleaned up now.  We had so many unfinished projects.  It looked like a schizophrenic's workshop back there.  Boards lying here, a pile of screws over there.  Sandbox toys scattered everywhere BUT the sandbox.  We had more plants than I even want to think about.  And I don't mean planted in pots or planters.  I mean in growing containers, just sitting around.  I think I'm beginning to feel anxious just thinking about it...hee hee.  Anyway, all the extras have been adopted out now, except for one very ugly and large Texas Palm; a lime tree; a gorgeous tree yucca; and one night-blooming jasmine.  The lime tree is going to a good home today, and I'm hoping his new 'parents' will also want the palm and yucca.  I'll make them a great deal.  ;-)

Sandbox toys will be washed and put up today.  The playset and all the decks will be swept up, too.  Shake out the rug, and the backyard will look tidied up...transformed.

Indoors, things are looking up as well.  David's side of the closet has been pushed to maximum storage capacity.  I'm afraid at any moment a geyser of ratty old Polo Tshirts and pearl snap Western shirts will gush into our bedroom.  Painstakingly, he has been listing garments on eBay.  Two items have already sold (that I will ship today!)  By finding new homes for the 'excess', we are creating space indoors that will allow us to organize and clean more efficiently.  This brings me great joy.


I'm not particularly organized or a clean-freak...I think I've mentioned this before, hee hee...but I am an anti-clutterbug.  Seriously, knick-knacky stuff lining shelves or lying around the house annoys me, distracts me...I guess it offends me, I've learned?  I'm not being too bold in saying that I HATE IT.  I'm a minimalist and a nomad, and I need to feel (even if I never ever again act on the urge) to pick up and move at moment's notice.  Clutter makes me feel anchored, like a wild animal in a cage.  Now that clutter is going away and the belongings are finding places in her home, I'm beginning to relax.  I'm beginning to feel like I live here.  And now the sun has been up some time...my husband has chatted me up for about two hours...my little girl is up, wide awake, and ready for her smoothie.  Yep, things are looking up around here.

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  1. Even the ugly plants have found homes now...although I'm sure as I continue cleaning up the backyard I will find a few orphans in dire need of new parents.