Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Adapting, For a Change (or Changes)

We sold the RV stove/oven combo on Friday night to a woman who built a tiny home on 2 acres.  She built it entirely by hand, entirely by herself.  Kudos!  That will be our next adventure, maybe.  There might be a couple in between...actually.

The weekend is a blur of packing and purging, moving stuff to storage, and adapting.  Yes, we must amend our plans a bit.  We are still 'going mobile' around Labor Day.  But it looks like The Driftah will not be making this journey with us.  No matter how we reconfigure it, our beloved camper just does not ride securely on our truck bed and, quite honestly, just does not fulfill the needs of a full-time family.  It would however be a fabulous project for a weekend warrior or the occasional camper.  I don't know, that shanty-on-wheels has stolen my heart and ignited my creativity, so I'm still not giving up on it.  Cross your fingers I don't have to find her a new home.  Hmm.

When you commit to an adventure like this, especially one by way of small spaces, you must be ready to adapt freely.  And by "freely" I mean willingly, immediately, and without emotional outbursts.  You can't become erratic about the need for changes that almost certainly will arise.  You must not become attached to a romantic, idealized vision of your Plan.  All you can really count on are: today you are here and at some point in the future you will be "there."  How you get there is the real adventure, the path pregnant with memories of challenges and achievements.  You know...going mobile in a small space is really a metaphor for our emotional development.  Our Life is not measured by the intensity of "good" and "bad" events that occur; we as individuals are measured by the manner in which we respond to these events.  So if you choose to move your family into an rv for an adventure of a lifetime, be prepared for your black water tank to leak; several tires on one side of the trailer to be punctured by nails and screws mysteriously scattered on the highway; or your beloved camper lumbering off into the sunset on the bed of another family of campers' truck.  Don't freak out; try to exercise patience.  Step back, elevate your thinking to a Visionary's perspective.  The Big Picture.  You have to remember that it's the journey, not the destination...or the vehicle, apparently...that really matters.

This journey is far too short, if you are enjoying it, and far too long if you're not.  Isn't there a Rolling Stones lyric that suggests "time waits for noone..."?  Life keeps flowing, whether or not your vessel is ready to launch.  In my little corner of the world, each day is a blessing and every moment, a gift.  I embrace and celebrate them, every one.  And I cherish the brave-hearted who will join me, if only for a part of the trip.  The Driftah has been part of the planning phase, maybe I should just let her go.  Maybe I should look up a couple of other campers that can handle the launch phase...ones with names equally as cool as The Driftah...like the Wanderer.  Yeaaaahhhh.

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