Tuesday, July 13, 2010

a lot of stuff...but still not ready to announce

I don't know about you, but I am beyond excited about my impending announcement.  Soon, soon.  ;-)

July 4th marked two years living at the beach.  We marked the anniversary by starting our day watching Le Tour de France (which we do EVERY day for three weeks in July.)  After that day's stage ended, we took The Driftah to our new favorite spot on the Laguna Madre.  The water was really high after Hurricane Alex, but still relatively clear.  We swam and played, and we reflected on many of the past two years' memories.  Later, we had dinner on the Gulf side of the island and waited for the fireworks to begin.  There are signs posted everywhere notifying that fireworks are prohibited, but in previous years police officers do not enforce that law.  Instead, they join us gawkers in our revelry.  This year, however, things were a bit different.  The dunes caught fire!  And nobody -- except for city employees -- seemed to worry much; they continued launching Roman candles and other dazzling things, even as the blaze spread.  Along the drive home, we found a tall fore-dune where we could watch the fire safely.  Amazing.  As we pulled onto the main road, we noticed the fire had spread up to it and several firefighters were battling it back away from the neighborhood.  Fortunately, nobody was hurt and no property incurred damage.  The dunes are charred, which will bring vibrant flowers next spring.

The Driftah will be put up for sale this Saturday.  Everything works on it, according to the previous owner.  But, no amount of sweat equity will make the thing FIT our truck properly.  It rides too high and, honestly, it just isn't big enough.  We have found a few additional truck campers we like and are sifting through the pros and cons so we can select one.  I will post pics soon.

And a bunch of other stuff will be in our sale this Saturday, as well.  This is the big push to declutter our home.  Please pray, cross your fingers, do a garage sale-raindance so that we sell a LOT.  Time to lighten our load, get organized and maintain a level of cleanliness that's greater than our current situation.  All of these changes bring me great comfort and encouragement; I'm reclaiming my life finally! 

First, I discovered my true path.  Then, I charted a course to get me onto that path.  Now, I'm implementing that plan so I can finally begin my journey.  Abundant joy!

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