Saturday, March 20, 2010

Daily Worship

I've been running a lot lately.  Maybe not far (about 3.5 mi), and definitely not fast (apx. 35 min).  But it has definitely become integral to my daily routine.  Mornings, Sage and I clean a little, eat a little, read a little.  And talk...A LOT.  (She has so much to say, all the time.  I wonder where she gets that???)  Cleaning usually involves putting away her books and organizing her toys, or dusting the tables.  Her favorite task is washing dishes.  She also likes helping Mommy juice veggies and fruits for the day.  We sip our smoothies and talk about what we plan to do today, all the while munching on fruit and maybe watching a few minutes of Elmo or Dora.  After lunch we brush our teeth and go down for a nap.  Sometimes willingly, sometimes kicking and screaming.

And then...I take a deep breath.  Between making enough smoothies and juice for two adults and one growing little girl, washing and prepping fruit to snack on all day, cleaning, eating, reading and planning our day, and sneaking in a moment or two of work here and there, I'm pooped by naptime.  I lace up my 'racing day shoes' as Sage calls them, turn on my iPod, and head out the door.  I let my subconscious choose the music.  One day, Bob Dylan or the Blackeyed Peas motivate me.  Another, ZZ Top or Dvorak.  I clear my mind, or at least try to, and let my legs do all the work.  Usually but not always I wear a stopwatch.  I like to set personal bests but whether or not I do, I enjoy every run.  I run the same route but it's definitely not routine.  The beach changes day by day, hour by hour...sometimes minute by minute.  Fascinating and always stimulating.

Running, stretching and cooldown takes about 45 minutes.  That's my time.  And so worth it, because after my run I feel all my little stresses and tension-triggers massaged out.  I work a little more, I sip some watermelon and spinach smoothie.  I'm ready for post-nap playtime!  I've worshipped at the altar of nature.  My soul is whole, my mind is clear and my body is relaxed.

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