Saturday, March 20, 2010

My garden(s)

Here is my vegetable and herb garden on February 28th.  The three distinct plants in the middle of the raised bed are red bell peppers.  Along the edges of the bed are seaside strawberries.  The tomato cage on the left side of the bed protects fennel, and throughout the bed are little tomato seedlings.  I'll post a pic later today of what the garden looks like now.  The seedlings are huge compared to this pic!  And I already have about a dozen strawberries...

The pots serve as my herb garden.  I have Copper Canyon Daisy, oregano, thyme, rosemary, lemongrass, onion chives, leeks and mint.  The clay pot on the ground to the right of the veggie bed contains irises from my Grandma's house in Kentucky.  In the background, under the window, is a bay tree in a glazed pot.  It will be going into the ground soon...

To the left of the garden is a small sandbox -- Folsom's 'potty'!  Don't mind the a/c unit eyesore.  ;-)

My chimenea got a lot of use last fall.  Mesquite smells so warm and earthy when it burns, and the smoke deters mosquitoes.  They are BRUTAL here.

I have more clay pots to fill with herbs...basil, especially.  Soon I'll have another raised bed to grow cucumbers and peas, and maybe an area for berrying bushes.  I want to grow blueberries and raspberries -- they are so expensive at the grocery store and usually are poor quality.  We plow through a boatload of produce each week and I want to nourish us with the freshest, chemical-free and locally grown produce possible...and that doesn't break my budget!

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