Monday, March 8, 2010

Happy Strawberry Day!

This morning Sage and I had a plate of fresh, raw strawberries and blueberries.  We also had a smoothie made with fresh-squeezed orange juice, cantaloupe and banana.  No dairy, just water and ice added to fresh fruit.  She asked where her heart balloon went.  I reminded her that we set it free (and for the record I realize this is not a very eco-friendly gesture but neither is throwing the mylar into the landfill.)  She thought about it for a moment, and I also reminded her that we will be getting green balloons soon for St. Patrick's Day.  I also told her that she is Irish through my dad's family.  Then my little brain started thinking of our heritage...and all the things I want to teach her about the Cherokees, Germans, Swedes, English and Freedmen.  I want to learn more about our heritage, too.

Suddenly I remembered I had bought her a book about a Cherokee legend called The First Strawberries.  So we dug through all her baskets of books until we found it.  I read the story to her while we nibbled on our fruit.  At the end, the lesson is revealed: strawberries remind us to be kind to others, and that "friendship and respect are as sweet as the ripe, red berries."  Lovely!  I explained the words to Sage, and gave examples of kindness she might remember.  We decided then and there today would be Strawberry Day. 

Now she's napping and I'm catching up on work, housework, and writing.  Finally, I'm writing.  This afternoon we might open up our art box and create a masterpiece with a strawberry theme.  Or perhaps we will find and make a new recipe using strawberries.

How will you spend your 'berry' special day?

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