Saturday, August 28, 2010

10 days

On the twelfth day of moving my true love gave to me...paint and set of brushes.

On the eleventh day of moving my true love gave to me...more paint and more brushes.

What will he give me today, on the 10th day of moving?  You guessed it: more paint and more brushes...The truth is, the painting is nearly finished.  Yes!  One more coat on one side of the trailer and some touching up, then finish the first coat on El Valor.  Paint dries rapidly on aluminum siding -- especially in this baking heat -- so we can immediately start the second coat as soon as we finish the first.  After all the painting is done, we will outfit the trailer with some neat features.  Think, outdoor kitchen. 

Simultaneous with the customization will be the move-in to the camper as well as the trailer.  Clothing, bed linens and towels will be in El Valor, while toys and books will be in the trailer.  It's difficult to plan the configuration in detail without having all our gear ready.  In a couple of days, all will be decided.  When we know exactly what we need/want/are capable of taking, we can also decide what will be sold, or stored, or donated.  The house will be empty for the first time since July 4th 2008.

Although we are cleaning as we clear things out, we still need to deep clean and make a few minor repairs.  Two sets of blinds need to be replaced (thanks, Folsom!!!!) and two screens need new mesh (and thanks again, Folsom!!!!)  Holes in walls need to be filled and two rooms need to be painted white again.  The backyard will take two days alone.  Sage's playset must be dismantled and hauled off the property.  Because we did not use all of the decking, there is also leftover lumber that must be removed.  Remnants of my raised bed garden must be deconstructed and taken away.  Finally, the plastic under the rocks in a couple of small places must be replaced (and one more thanks to Folsom!!!!)  Wait -- one last thanks to Folsom: we have some poop to clean up!  Thanks, buddy!

Ha ha, I'm just kidding, Folsom.  We love you more than you will ever know!

There is so much to do that we have not prepared for our moving sale scheduled for today.  One Saturday left until the transition is complete; we will postpone it one more week.  By next Sunday, everything that's going with us should be in El Valor or the trailer.  Everything that we are keeping but can't take should be neatly stacked in storage.  The rest should be sold or donated.  The house should be clean, repaired and ready for the next tenants, whomever they might be.  And then we can begin our journey, wherever it might take us.

Words alone can not fully convey my serenity and gratitude.  This is the life I am meant to live, the path I must follow, to be the best Me I can be.  Each day I give thanks that I have been paired with a partner (in life, in business, in adventure) who supports and shares my need for an authentic life.  I love you, David.  Bless you.

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