Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dreams, virtues and safe travels

All was quiet until the phone rang.  It was my friend Denise and she was giddy about buying a new car.  Not just any car, her DREAM CAR.  She has been looking for this exact make and model, with these exact options, and in this color and price range, for a very long time.  Finally she found another state.  So yesterday morning she flew from Dallas to pick up her Dream Car.  Today, she's taking her home.  Congratulations, my sweet friend.  You have worked so very hard for this.  It is only the beginning of many more dreams to come true.  I love you!

This morning I was up early: made coffee, puttered around on my 'puter, and looked up a new recipe or two.  Then I sat down to sip my coffee while I pondered the day, imagined how it might unfold.  El Valor is getting a good cleaning today.  We will also take inventory of what stays, what goes and what else we need.  Denise offered to recover the cushions for us, and I just might take her up on the offer.  Or maybe we can do it together?  I told her when she called that I will let her know tomorrow.  She needs to pay attention while she's driving, ha ha ha.

Signal faded so I didn't get to say 'goodbye' to her.  The conversation felt incomplete, so I played it out in my imagination.  Before I imagined saying goodbye I told her how happy I am for her.  I'm thrilled for myself, too, about our new adventure.  Almost synchronized, Denise and I are realizing dreams; it's wonderfully fulfilling to observe a loved one's successes and be able to share your own.  Too often we are lectured that to be modest is to be virtuous.  We are made to feel that we should "tone down" our confidence, our enthusiasm, our joy.  I disagree completely.  Instead, we should share these positive qualities -- traits I would consider true virtues -- with others, especially those who do not possess them.  Misery loves company, it's true, but happiness adores a crowd.  Miserable people try to put you down so that they will feel better about themselves.  Happy people, however, try to pump you up so you will feel better about you.  Good stuff is far more infectious; spread it around liberally.  I "told" her all of these things.

My friend is literally and symbolically "in the driver's seat" now.  Her voice sounds...I don't know, bubbly?  Effervescent?  Congratulations, D.  Safe travels...I think I'll have some, myself.

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  1. My Sweet friend..words cannot express..I am speachless & in tears..Thank you!