Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Thank you, readers

Yesterday's post was difficult to write because it pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone.  It was not particularly personal, though it certainly felt that way.  I'm glad I took the risk and posted it, though.  I received numerous comments (and a couple phone calls) from friends and family who told me they "needed that message."  As a writer, this means more to me than you all will ever know.  As a person, I was touched by your willingness to share your own stories.  You cried along with me. 

Several times during the writing process I felt a little "icky" -- that's the simplest way I can describe it.  I doubted my message and whether it was appropriate to post.  In future posts, starting with today's -- ha -- I will strive to put myself back in that icky zone.  That seems to be the stuff that resonates with people and fulfills me creatively. 

Stay tuned...

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