Monday, August 16, 2010

Send me an angel

This weekend we had a setback with El Valor.  Not a big could have been much worse.  David had cut off the excess straps on the tie-downs before heading out to the hardware store.  He has been working on rebuilding the utility trailer and needed more stainless steel bolts.  As he turned back into our driveway, he heard a *kerrang*.  He looked into the rearview mirror just in time to see one of the jacks being sheared from the underside of the camper.  Immediately he put the truck into park and went to investigate.  Apparently he had trimmed only 3 of the 4 straps, and the fourth unravelled somewhere between the hardware store and home.  It flapped in the gulf breeze before wrapping itself around the rear tire.  Wrapped and wrapped, and then when there was no more slack, yanked the jack right off El Valor.  Seriously.  Yanked so hard and violently that it left a gaping hole under the propane tank. 

Imagine if he had been driving over the bridge when that happened.  The jack would most likely have been lost...and they are not cheap.  Maybe the propane would drop and explode?  Who knows?  But none of these worst-case scenarios happened.  The entire ordeal unfolded as he turned onto our driveway, a mere 15ft from safety.  I choose to believe somebody or something was looking out for him.

The hole is patched and reinforcements have been added.  That jack isn't going anywhere.  Oh, and the fourth strap is now the same length as the other three.  Yessss.

Today a couple called about our listing on craigslist.  They came to look at the item and put down a deposit to hold it.  They did not call this evening, although they promised they would, but I feel relatively confident they will come pick it up soon.  This will be one less thing we have to worry about.  Our adventure angel was watching over us, again.

This evening after dinner we went outside to check out David's handiwork.  A woman driving by in a minivan pulled into our driveway and asked about renting our half of the duplex.  Let me back up a second...when I went out to get the mail this afternoon I discovered a "For Rent" sign next to our driveway.  Our landlords had put up the sign sometime today; our departure is official!  Anyway, back to the woman...she asked about the unit and if she could see it.  Sure.  I gave her a brief tour.  Soon we weren't talking about the house any longer.  Soon we were discussing "connecting to Earth" and holistic healing and raw food many topics I'm interested in.  We continued the tour, and talking, until we realized how late it was.  Sage needed a bath.  She desperately needed to get into bed early (as do I but look what time it is!)  My new friend needed to get home to her family, too.  She wrote down our landlords' numbers on the paper I had given her on which were the url for this blog and our business website.  NATIVEDAVE.COM in case any of you have forgotten.  ;-)

Everything we talked about reaffirmed beliefs I already value, values I already hold dear.  It was as if a messenger had arrived to reassure me I'm on the right path.  Sometimes, our angels put us into situations that challenge our values.  Sometimes they fortify our beliefs against all challenges.  Maybe 'angel' is not the right word...but someone or something invisible to me truly is watching over us.  Protecting us, informing and guiding us, encouraging us.  Call him/her/it what you will.  But please don't scare away my angels.  I'm truly grateful for their service to my family, especially as we prepare for our big adventure.  Keep us safe, dear messengers.  Please do keep us safe.


  1. Christy,
    I am so glad that nothing serious happened while Dave was on the road. This is just one of those things that will help you look at yer safety check list a lil bit better. That has happened to me with a tie strap before but not with a cab over camper. The long end of the tie down strap somehow got unraveled and when I threw the truck in reverse it got caught in the tire and jerked the truck really hard. Now, I make good and sure that strap isn't gonn go anywhere.

    I find it pleasantly surprising how people we meet come to us in many forms and ways to reinforce something positive that we are striving for. I have followed yer blog and have been seeing this pattern. Things really seem to be going in yer favor. I am excited fer yall about this journey. With the 'for rent' sign out already, this might put yall in a time constraint. I know it would put me in one but you will be so glad when this is all done and are off on the maiden voyage on El Valor.
    Thanks fer sharing. ~Jen

  2. There are many & they are all around you. Not going anywhere my firend!

    Vive Exploration El Valor!

  3. God bless your angels, my friend.