Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sometimes, a little sorting out just makes sense

I've been writing about the preparations for our adventure here.  This blog was supposed to follow my personal journey as a writer, mother, wife...etc.  To help to keep things orderly, I've set up a separate blog to follow our family's and business' collective journey.  Here's a list of our blogs and their themes: -- our biz blog.  Services, speaking engagements, articles about plants and natural processes, etc.  Watch the evolution toward a mobile and sustainable business! -- my personal blog, "christy's writerlust".  Experiences as a mobile mommy, wife, writer, Green Queen, entrepreneur.
and the newest... --- our adventure blog.  Sometimes will overlap with nativerave, sometimes with writerlust.  Will also include Sage's perspective and some travel-related topics that do not seem to fit neatly in the other two blogs.

Please subscribe to the other two!  So much is changing, and the adventure is really getting exciting.  I want to share my enthusiasm with as many people as possible!!!!

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