Friday, January 15, 2010

Get into shape -- no excuses!

Looking to get into shape or maintain fitness but are pregnant or a new mom?  Or you have small kids?  No need to join an expensive health club or hire a sitter.  There is a terrific company called Stroller Strides, an outdoor fitness program for mommy and baby or older little ones.  Invest in a good baby jogger -- BOB is the company's official stroller -- and running shoes.  You will get a good workout for an hour, and set a positive example for your child.  After class, moms and kiddos often hang around the playground or go to other venues for playdates.  Fees are very reasonable, and you and your child will make a slew of new friends.

In Corpus Christi area check out  To find Stroller Strides in your area, go to and click on the Locations tab.

On a personal note...Sage and I really enjoyed Stroller Strides.  We met a lot of friendly people and learned a lot from them.  Since I have been running more and incorporating weight-training and yoga at home, and am working again (part-time), we no longer attend SS classes.  But we will still participate in their group activities!  It's a terrific group!

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  1. Thank you so much Christy. We miss seeing you and Sage. Hopefully you can join us for Chat & Play and Mom's Night Out!