Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is 'writerlust'?

It's a word I invented to describe my journey as a writer.  Initially, I intended to use it in the context of writing only.  Over time, though, I have discovered that writing is not something separate from 'Me.'  It is vital to my existence, to the tapestry that is Christy.  It is as essential to my life as...well, breathing.  Inhale ideas, exhale art.  So my little Shakespearean foray (the word-coining thing) has now expanded to include all facets of my journey, and will be discussed here in this blog.

In the German language there exists the word 'wanderlust', or a 'strong, innate desire to rove or travel about.'  When I was a college student I spent about 5 weeks studying in Hannover, Germany, and became enamored with the country, language, culture, my heritage.  Journalling took over my life while there and for months after my return.  I guess I have never fully recovered from that experience.  ;-)  Actually, it changed my life forever and my 'strong, innate desire' to write intensified.  (Maybe in another post I'll upload a pic of me writing while leaning against an enormous water feature in the center of a small German town.)

My journey continues...

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