Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hey, a book review

Like many of you bibliophiles, I do not read one book at a time.  In my 'reading space' -- which amounts to a chair and small stool used as a table, nothing more -- I have a stack of books that I read a little of each day.  One is a book about natural home remedies (I'll review it later.  So far, so interesting.)  Another is my trusty journal.  The cover is a beautifully colorful Southeast Asia theme.  (A lovely birthday gift from The Best Brother In The World.)  A piece of classic literature is there: The Odyssey.  I must admit I have not yet started that on to my new books that just arrived yesterday!  Tools of the Mind was written for early childhood and primary school educators.  I read about it in Po Bronson's Nurtureshock (a must read for any parent or parent-to-be!!!!!)  Since we would like to homeschool Sage, I thought this book would be invaluable.  More about it in another post...Living on Live Food by Alissa Cohen is changing my life.  I'm stunned.  This book is straight-forward and peppy, and simplifies raw and living food so that even a culinary novice like myself can understand.  And become eager to eliminate cooked foods from her life forever.  Seriously, this book has inspired me on so many levels, in so many ways.  It arrived yesterday afternoon and by bedtime, somehow I had read 130 pages.  And still managed my household.  Took care of my little girl.  Had time to talk with's a quick and easy, and definitely motivating, read.  I wanted to put down my book, immediately run into the kitchen and start tossing all the ingredients for our cooked meals.  But being the frugal woman I am, I decided I would continue to feed my family these meals until we run out of ingredients, and then start replacing them with raw and live foods. 

On the website there is a 30-day going raw challenge.  I did not ask, I told David and Sage that we would be accepting it.  Fortunately, we are already about 50% raw, meaning we eat fresh (and some frozen) fruit all morning.  Then we switch to 'solid' meals.  Dinner is a cooked meal of lean meat, grains and veggies; this is usually our 'comfort food' meal and will be the most difficult to change.  But I'm determined to get started Feb 1.  Check back for the chronicles of that journey...

Should you go 100% raw?  Entirely up to you.  Not everyone wants to or can do that.  But at least you can pick up the book, read through it, get inspired.  Who knows, maybe even add one raw meal a day into your diet.  And if you do make changes in your life, however small they seem at first, please let me know.  I'd love to tag along on your journey, too.

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