Friday, January 8, 2010

Simple Pleasures, Part One

Every morning I start my day by opening the living room blinds so I can watch the sunrise over the Gulf and dunes.  It's like watching a moving postcard.  I can't see the water but I know it's "right there" on the other side of the rolling white dunes.  Typically a few seagulls laugh and circle our front yard, and Great Blue Herons and others make their daily pilgrimage from the Laguna Madre across the island and onto the beach.  Our house is directly on their commute route, so often I'm startled by the Herons' loud squawk.  We live in a quiet neighborhood where people are friendly but not intrusive.  Well, most people are not.  ;-)

After I open the blinds I make coffee, turn on the computers and open all the programs we will use today.  Coffee done, I pour myself a cup and settle onto the couch facing the windows.  Sometimes I'm alone and this house is quiet, except for the wind slapping windows and doors.  Mostly it's just David and me, whispering so Sage will sleep just a bit longer.  Folsom whines at the backdoor to go out, and then again to come in.  Fickle dog.

This week I've added another step in my morning route.  After I turn on the computers I stay in the office and write a little.  I try to be quiet but typing -- even gently -- is just loud enough to wake up Sage.  Sometimes.  Other times, she sleeps through laughter and music and dogs barking.  Today she is awake and giggling as she shuffles past the office -- she doesn't know I'm in here -- through the dining room and into the living room to tell David good morning.  Sun's coming up in a few minutes.  Coffee's ready.  Folsom has been out and in and is snoozing on the couch.  Sage and David are sitting next to him, reading.  Time for me to join them and enjoy the simple pleasures that define our beach life.


  1. I miss the mornings there watching the sunrise, sipping coffee, morning talks with you, planning to run and not, which is perfect. But mostly the talks with you while Sage is playing. This is a beautiful picture you have painted for your life my dear! Love D

  2. Mornings, and we, miss you too. Wish you were here full-time! Everyday I am grateful you and Cat, are part of my life again. And your girls are along for the journey, too! It makes me so happy to finally know Vic and to start early getting to know Senna and Joss. Looking forward to a lifetime of memories to be made, D. Mwah...Christy