Saturday, January 16, 2010

Raw shopping

Today is produce-shopping day.  I really want Sage to embrace more of the raw meals so I'm taking her with me.  You know, let her pick fruits and vegetables that appeal to her.  First, we'll hit the Southside Farmers Market for organic greens and sprouts.  It's a small group of vendors, but unlike a lot of big city markets, the vendors actually grow their produce.  Seasonal fruits and veggies primarily, and more.  One vendor brings a variety of fresh herbs; this week she will also have pecans!  Other booths: origami jewelry, salsa, ornamental plants (sadly, no natives...yet ;-), how-to book publishing, crafts, etc.  If you live in the Corpus Christi area and would like to shop locally and seasonally, check out the market's website:  Click on "Market Report" for a listing of this week's offerings.  See you there!

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